David's Bio

For over half of David’s life, he has been in ministry of some kind. He has been a senior pastor, youth pastor, evangelist, teacher, and professional gospel music singer.  Experiencing these different facets of ministry gives David a unique perspective within the Body of Christ. 

David is currently working on his Masters degree in Biblical Counseling from North Carolina College of Theology. He loves people and has a deep desire to serve wherever he has the opportunity. Preaching, teaching, and counseling are what he loves to do and he does them well.  David is an excellent communicator.  He captures the heart of an audience with his incredible humor, apostolic anointing, and pure spirit. 

David shares, “In all my years I’ve learned some valuable lessons.  First, I’ve learned that my top priority is to know HIM.  Secondly, the most effective and powerful ministry that I’ve ever been involved with didn’t take place while I was on stage.  Instead, it happened in a small intimate setting and in one on one encounters”.  David strongly believes that stage ministry has its place and is effective but if one is not willing to minister “off-stage” …then they should stay off the stage.