Divine Synergy

Divine Synergy 

Amanda Hill 

October 3, 2016 

At the end of September the Lord spoke these things to me; 

There is a divine synergy between this year, 5777 and 7-7-07 (The Call).  Go back and retrace, revisit, recall and remember the prayers I prayed through my intercessors and the prophetic declarations I spoke through my prophets on 7-7-07.  This synergy is converging this year.  The prayers and prophetic words spoken on 7-7-07 will manifest in measures you’ve never seen.  It will happen.  I have set my mind to do it. 

Baal was divorced on this day (7-7-07), but contested the divorce as he claimed legal rights to you, My Bride.  There have been moments where you considered cohabitation again, but this will end this year for I am drawing you back to Me.  Baal has been found in contempt of court and will be dealt with.  You have renewed your covenant with me, your Husband, in this year of covenants. 

The Baal structure is weakened now, more than it’s ever been in these fifty years.  I have heard your cry.  I am listening and am ready to act.  The land, the harvest, the destiny and the covenant I have with this nation is in play and it won’t be delayed, postponed or diverted any longer. 

As the nation shakes, so also I am shaking Baal and all that this structure has vacuumed up and withheld from my people.  I am releasing it in this year; the healing, deliverance, inheritance, marriages, government, health, the rain, the flooding of My Presence, you will see it in unprecedented amounts.  So, I say to you today, REMIND ME!  REMIND ME what I spoke to and through you on 7-7-07 for I will honor all that you asked of Me.  REMIND ME!!!  When you hear that Nashville is rumbling and the tall buildings sway, you will know that the power of Baal over this nation is crumbling and there is more shaking and rumbling to follow. 

The Elijahs and Gideons are here."  
(Judges, the 7th book of the Bible and the 7th chapter gives the account of when Gideon defeated the Midianites.  In verse 25, the leaders Oreb and Zeeb are captured and killed.  Oreb speaks of a spirit of wandering in the darkness and Zeeb is related to a devouring wolf.)   
The Lord says, “I am partnering with the Elijahs and Gideons to overthrow Jezebel and destroy the spirits that blind my people to keep them wandering in the desert (Oreb).  The wolves in my house (Zeeb) will be uncovered and I will deal with them this year.  Just watch and see what this next generation and I do together.”

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